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Journey with Jesus

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For Children and Early Childhood

All of these materials will help your church provide age-appropriate quality Bible study experiences in Vacation Bible School this summer! These materials are provided FREE to your church as a ministry of Texas Baptists.

These Children and Early Childhood VBS materials are:

  • Rich in Bible content and life application for pupils and teachers;
  • Educationally sound;
  • Developmentally and culturally appropriate, focusing on the needs of the child; and
  • User-friendly–practical, helpful and immediately useful to teachers, including new teachers and all teachers with limited time and resources.

Children and Early Childhood VBS Curriculum includes the following:

  • Teacher’s guides for each age group;
  • Downloadable resource items;
  • Plan sheets for each age group;
  • Joint worship PowerPoint presentation and script; and
  • Other useful resources available for download.

This VBS curriculum is made possible by your gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering.

Journey into Worship
Worship for children entering 2nd through 7th grades

Music for Journey Into Worship (worship for children)

Music is a powerful medium to use with children. Downloadable music and lyrics videos for all the songs in Journey with Jesus: Following in His Footsteps (2016) are available through God’s Kids Worship. Click on the download's tab, then choose All Songs, then click on each song suggested for worship (see list below). Each song suggested for Journey Into Worship may be inserted in the PowerPoint® presentation by creating a slide that contains the video file.

Each downloadable music and lyrics video bundle includes a stereo video, a split-track video, and lyrics PDF file of each song. Additionally, each song is available as a free, full-length rehearsal video, playable on any internet-connected device, with no login or registration required.

Select either Windows Media or QuickTime files for the songs to match your playback system. Files are suitable for use in all major presentation software programs. Free compatibility files are available on every page. 

Check file compatibility before you buy if you are unsure about your system’s requirements.

There are no refunds for software downloads. God’s Kids Worship can’t provide follow-up support without being at your location to assess your hardware and software, so no follow-up tech support is offered. You should check your system and perhaps consult with church media people if you are unclear about how to use computer media files.

Also available are separate audio file downloads from Amazon or iTunes. Search for God's Kids Worship/digital music then choose each song below to purchase an audio download. The lyrics for each song are included on the PowerPoint® Presentation (available on this website). 

Consider using a children's praise team to lead each day. The children would learn the songs prior to VBS by using the free streaming rehearsal video links from God's Kids Worship for each song. Each day, they would stand at the front with the children's minister, minister of music, or other leader to lead in worship. Sign language for key words or appropriate movement could be added to help the children remember the words to the songs. The suggested songs are:

I'll Follow You (Theme Song)
A Brand New Me
It All Comes Down to Love
Let's Get Started
There is Someone
Without You, Jesus

Journey Into Worship Script and PowerPoint® Presentation

Journey Into Worship Script
Journey Into Worship PowerPoint® Presentation
Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4 // Day 5 // Talking to Children about Salvation

New Bible Story Illustrations

Bible Story Illustrations for children (entering 2nd through 7th grades) are available at no cost. These illustrations were created for Journey With Jesus: Following in His Footsteps curriculum. The illustrations are available in different sizes below.


Recreation Ideas for Early Childhood Older Years and Children

Recreation Ideas
VBS 2016 Resource Item 1 Grid Lock Pattern (for children entering 2nd through 7th grades)

Bible Teacher Resources

Babies (Birth to 12 Months)
Younger Years (Ones to Twos)
Middle Years (Threes and Fours)
Older Years (Entering K and 1st Grade)
Younger Children (Entering 2nd and 3rd Grades)
Middle Children (Entering 4th and 5th Grades)
Older Children (Entering 6th and 7th Grades)


Early Childhood Certificate
Childhood Certificate


All VBS curriculum resources can be downloaded below.